Pop Up Patch


This is a yarn I have been looking forward to telling for a while. On a recent visit to Melbourne I visited Federation Square’s Pop Up Patch.

Melbourne based Matthew Pember and Fabian Capomolla of the Little Veggie Patch Co’s passion for a more sustainable, greener lifestyle led them to embark on this idea and from what i could see they have never looked back.

Nestled amongst  the hustle and bustle of Melbourne CBD sits this sustainably based edible gardening club. Each of it’s members rent large organic vegetable crates and from what i could see each crate bursted with wonderful, happy produce. For the rental cost of your daily coffee you could feed your family from one of these. They only ask that you grow organically. Members are asked to obstain from using any pesticides, herbicides and fungicides while they care for their patch.

Local restaurants and business have taken up with the idea all keen to deliver healthy, seasonal produce from the patch to the plate.

I was most inspired by my visit to this remarkable site, everyone genuinely wanted to do their bit for a more sustainable way of living.  The passion and pride for growing your own food was all around me.

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