Australian Natives: Lemon Myrtle

Many of us don’t think to use Australian Native plants in our cooking. They are slowly becoming a little bit more accessible to us with nurseries and garden shops now selling them. Lemon Myrtle is probably the most commonly used of the bush foods. It is grown naturally between Brisbane and Rockhampton, most commonly around the sunshine coast. We are now seeing commercials farms around the Northern Rivers area of NSW.

It’s distinct lemon flavour makes it desirable in both sweet and savoury cooking. In it’s dried form it’s commonly used in biscuits, ice-cream or sorbet, as a herb the leaf is used in asian cooking, instead of lemon grass or to flavour pastas. Most importantly Lemon Myrtle can be drunk as a tea.

This is the only the start, Australia is abundant in native peppers, berries, herbs and spices, we should get to know them better and better still use them in our cooking. Keep your eye out and next time your at your local nursery ask them about what they know you’ll find most people very passionate and happy to share their knowledge.

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