More than just a good taste………..

For many of us spices are just apart of our culinary repertoire. But for generations spices have been used in some cultures for their medicinal properties and the word is spreading. Spices can be used to assist in the treatment and recovery of ailments, injuries and detoxing just to name a few. Turmeric for example is often used for it’s anti-inflammatory properties and garlic as an antibiotic.

What is a spice? Unlike a herb, which is defined as the leaf of a plant a spice is the dried, ground stem, root, fruit or bark of the vegetable. Here are a few common spices that i use a lot and the health benefits they promote.


CINNAMON: good for fungal infections, diabetes – reducing blood sugar levels, preventing alzheimer’s disease, reduces the negative effects of high fat meals, it’s effective in the fight against diseases such as  HIV and MS


GINGER: Anti -inflammatory, good for combatting nausea, muscle pain, and asthma.


STAR ANIS: Anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti oxidant, it’s high shikimic acid content makes it anti viral.


RAW CACOA: very high in anti oxidants, which is good for fighting disease and reduce the effects of ageing, good source of magnesium, sulphur and healthy for the pancreas.


NUTMEG: a great brain tonic, good for pain relief, indigestion relief, liver and kidney detox, sleep aid and good for your skin.

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