Noosa Farmers Market

The Sunshine Coast is just bursting with great food and produce and whilst my expectation for my recent visit to the Noosa Farmers Market was filled with anticipation for the amazing fruit and veg, i was more excited to find the most wonderful artisan producers.

I found myself laden with buffalo haloumi, garlic infused olive oil, olives  and caramelised raspberry balsamic vinegar.

If you get the chance try to get hold of these lovely products. Better still visit the passionate producers at the Noosa Farmers market  that make it all happen.

‘Fat Hen Farm olives and olive oils’ produce a beautiful EVOO as well as a number of subtle infusions.  If you can’t get to the Noosa Farmers Market then visit

The Fat Hen Farmers stock their products at both The Sourced Grocer and The Rosalie Deli in Brisbane.

‘Lira H’ (pron: lee rah) are producers of lovely balsamic vinegars and glazes. I bought the caramelised raspberry balsamic vinegar and have used it on everything. Visit


This was the find of the day folks. I came across this fellow selling tubs of edible chilli’s. Being a lightweight on the heat-o-meter i nearly all but walked straight past him. These babies come in varieties that have mild heat or no heat at all. You cook them up in olive oil and S&P and eat them like tapas. They are the bomb I’m telling you. They see their little gems at the Noosa Farmers Market and the West End Market in Brisbane.  The possibilities are endless for these bad boys- throw them cooked into tacos, quesadillas, on an anti pasta plate, stuff them,  i’m even thinking of pickling them!

Stay tuned you’ll be hearing more about these little guys. In the mean time check out for more ideas on what to do with them.

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