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There is no greater satisfaction than going to your own garden and picking salads and veggies for your next meal. I know i seem to bang on about it but it’s so healthy for your family on  so many levels to be able to to this. Your kids learn so much about where there food comes from, how to garden and it kick starts their awareness on nutrition. You many not realise it but you are making a small difference on a more sustainable environment.

This was one of my better yields. For the most part of this year rain has hampered my next crop but hey that’s mother nature for you. I was determined to make this into dinner and try my hardest to use only what i had in the fridge and pantry to supplement it.  We are so governed by convenience that it’s a trip to the shop on a mere wim is nothing for us, but if you are  a bit more resourceful more often than not you don’t need to.

This is how I went..


The tomatoes and spinach were made into this tart with the addition of some organic eggs and free range Bangalow bacon. I also had some lite sour cream in the fridge so made Maggie Beer’s sour cream pastry, which is so easy it’s hard to even put it in the same basket as pastry making.

The potatoes, corn, chives and mint when into this potato and corn salad. I made a dressing using the last of the sour cream, a little seeded mustard and organic honey.

Finally the lovely rocket and lettuce leaves got made into a beautiful Salad with some capsicums, red onion and cucumber. I dressed it with some extra virgin olive oil and a dash of good quality balsamic vinegar.

If that’s not inspiration to get your garden going nothing is.

Go on give it a go!


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