Maleny Dairies

On a recent visit to the Maleny Dairies my girls and i had a great morning seeing this beautiful local sunshine coast farm. The 3rd generation business showed off their beautiful property nestled in lush, green Maleny countryside. the cows where so content and happy you couldn’t help but want to go out and buy Maleny Dairies milk. Our passionate guide Lachie,  the great grandson of the farms founder new more about dairy farming, milking and how to keep happy cows than most and he showed us every square inch of this great local business. The farm not only produces the milk, they also have a small, compact factory that processes and bottles the milk, yogurt and custard.

It’s no surprise how dairy farmers have suffered since the industries de-regulation in 2000. Maleny Dairies have not only refrained from selling to likes of Parmalat, but they also buy milk from other local dairies supporting their local industry.

These guys are the reason why we need to support our local farmers.

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