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Seasons…….Each change in season brings something new with it. The light, the colours and the smells all transition as a new season emerges. The food we eat is no different.

It is often thought the foods we eat appear during the seasons in which they are best for your body. During the hotter months we desire the cooling delights of salads, mangoes and watermelon. During the colder seasons we warm ourselves with hearty root vegetables and robust greens. The cuts of meat and grains we use also change.

To eat locally means it’s grown in the region in which you live. It’s been more recently picked ensuring that it maintains the best nutritional properties possible. You want to get your food from the earth to your tummy the most direct way possible. As close as mother nature intended.

Welcome to The Seasonal Table, a food website for the seasons. We Source, grow, cook and store the seasons best ingredients. During our journey we will meet the farmers, fishermen, growers and foragers who have built a life bringing the best produce to your table.